Anna Chapovalov, Artist of the Month - May 2018



Anna is a self-taught body artist, originally from Italy, but now residing in Texas.  Despite never having considered the possibility of a career as a professional artist, she fell in love with the idea after seeing a body painting competition for the first time. She began her studies through YouTube videos, books, and local workshops.  After several months, Anna bravely took the leap into the world of competitive body painting, and hasn't looked back.  She now earns her living as a full-time professional body artist. 

In August 2017, Anna placed 5th in South Korea at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival.  She says it was a great honor to be a part of such an incredible cultural experience and to work with so many great international artists.

Anna constantly studies new drawing techniques, attends workshops, and practices to improve her skills.  She loves to compete and to challenge herself with different themes and projects.

 Anna's next big challenge will happen in July 2018, where she'll compete at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria, for the second time.

We're so grateful to Anna for sharing her art with us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Products used in Anna's art:

FAB Makeup

Superstar Face and Body Paint

Amerikan Body Art Glitter and Liquid Bling




You can check out more of Anna's work at

and follow her at:

Anna's Facebook Page

Anna's Instagram


Anna's latest competitions:

2018... Coming soon!!!  World Body Paint Festival in Austria 

2018... Coming soon!!!  Texas Competition 

2017 -  4th Place at the Texas Body Paint Festival 

2017 - 5th piace in South Korea at the Daegu International Hosting Festival 

2016 -  4th Place at the Texas Body Paint Festival 

2016 -  Living Art America in Greensboro 

2015 -  1st Place at the Texas Body Paint Festival

2015 -  Italian Body Paint Competition in Italy 

2015 - Riccione Body Paint 

2015 - World Body Paint Festival in Austria 

2015 - European Winter Art Festival in Italy

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