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***Be sure to check out our Self-Adhesive Stencils Sale.  We have over 70 designs, on sale for $0.10 - $0.20 each as we revamp our stencil line.  ***

Limited Mica Studio Jars 7-24-17
Limited Edition Studio Mica JarsLimited Edition Studio Mica Jars
Average rating:

These are Studio Size (20ml) jars of some mica powders that were discontinued from the manufacturer before we even got them online. So they are in very limited supply.


Reg. Price $9.99 $2.00 On Sale!
Available Colors
Laminated Henna Design Signs - Clearance
These are Laminated 8 1/2" x 11" signs that you can put in your henna booth, for customers to choose designs. Use a dry erase market to add pricing to the signs. The designs are created by World Famous Mastress of Henna, Deborah Brommer.
Reg. Price $5.99 $2.99 On Sale!
Design Set
Altered Art Mixed Media Magazines: Somerset Studio 2001 & 2003

I'm selling off some of my collection of altered art/ mixed media magazines. These have been sitting on a shelf in my office for quite some time, but are in pretty good condition. If purchased new, they cost $7 - $15 each and generally hold their value for resale, so this is a pretty good deal. They're filled with inspirational images and how-to articles. Magazines can be quite heavy, so they may push up the shipping charges, but I will always ship in a flat rate package (within the US) when possible, and refund any excess shipping charges.



This lot is 1 issue of Somerset Studio from 2001, and 2 issues from 2003.

Reg. Price $10.00 $3.00 On Sale!
For Local (Melbourne, FL) Customer Pick-Up ONLY: Case of 425 Empty Nail Polish Bottles

We are moving from our current business location to a new building.  The less we have to move, the better, so I am willing to let go of a few cases of our empty nail polish bottles at less-than-cost, just to lighten our load.  


This price is ONLY good through January 20th, as we'll be moving everything to the new place then.  


***If you order (3) cases, you will receive an additional 30% discount as our shopping cart automatically adds a 30% discount to all orders of $250 or more.  You can also add other items to your cart to reach $250 to receive our 30% discount.


This item is ONLY for local customers who can pick these up by January 27th.  We will NOT ship these as it's too difficult and too expensive to figure out how to ship heavy cases of glass bottles. Our warehouse is located on East Drive in West Melbourne, Florida.


The bottles are full-size 12ml Nail Polish bottles with nylon brushes.  You can choose black or white caps, or a combination of cap colors.  The bottles DO NOT come with mixing beads.

Price $85.00
Dual Size Pencil Sharpener 6-packReg. Price $1.99 $0.39 On Sale!
Face Painting Body Art Business Book.jpg
Clearance: Book: How to Start a Face Painting and Body Art Business (Missing CD)
This book was previously sold with a CD that contained a small gallery of airbrush and glitter tattoo images, an example of a client contract, and several other miscellaneous files. The book has plenty of information without this CD, and anything that was on the CD can probably be found online pretty easily with a quick google search, but for the sake of clearing out a box of books that we just found in the warehouse, we're selling them off at less than the cost of printing them. Click the image for Table of Contents
Reg. Price $29.99 $4.99 On Sale!
Glitter Shapes: Holographic Silver Squares (Clearance - Discontinued Item)
.062 x .062
Glitter Shapes: Holo Silver Squares - Sample (Clearance - Discontinued Item) $0.39 On Sale!Glitter Shapes: Holo Silver Squares - 1 oz Bag $4.99 On Sale!Glitter Shapes: Holo Silver Squares - 4oz Bag $17.99
Clear 8oz PET Boston Round Bottle with Apricot PumpReg. Price $1.19 $0.49 On Sale!
hair tinsel light purple.jpg
CLEARANCE: Hair Tinsel: Light PurpleCLEARANCE: Hair Tinsel: Light Purple
Average rating:

Length: 40"

Strands per pack: 240

Hair tinsel is tied to the base of the hair.  Here's the best video we've found to show the technique, but we make some minor changes to the instructions below.
The tinsel comes in 2 widths.  The "shiny" colors are skinnier, and the "sparkle" colors are wider.  With the shiny (skinny) colors, make 3 knots (hair + tinsel) and then 3 knots (tying tinsel strands together.  For the wider colors, make 2 knots (hair + tinsel) and 2 knots (tying tinsel strands together).
If the client has thick hair, tie the tinsel to about 3 strands of hair.  If they have thinner hair, use about 5 strands of hair.
It's also a good idea to have a spritzer bottle with water so you can tame any flyaway hairs to make it easier to see what you're doing.  
Most professionals charge clients $2 - $3 per strand for application.


Reg. Price $9.99 $0.49 On Sale!
African Black Soap 4oz Bar

African Black Soap is a highly moisturizing soap that has been long used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. You can also use it for shampoo or shaving.  Click the product name for product ingredients.


To make shampoo or liquid soap, fill a bottle with crumbled bits of African Black soap, add water, and let it sit until the soap bits dissolve, usually overnight. Since the soap has no preservatives, you'll want to use it within a few weeks if you mix it with water. You can also add oils and/or aloe gel to your shampoo/soap mix. Certain essential oils may help prolong the shelf life.


Bars are naturally varied in shape, but all weigh over 4oz each.  The soap is a relatively soft soap that crumbles easily, so don't be surprised if your bar starts to crumble around the edges.  This is perfectly normal and does not impact the product quality.  

Reg. Price $4.99 $2.99 On Sale!
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