Clearance Liquid Bling Packs - Set of 5

Clearance Liquid Bling Packs - Set of 5

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We have a surplus of Liquid Bling on the shelves, with a Best-By date of July/August 2021.  So I've put them into packs at a fantastic discount.  

We have 4 Themed Sets, and I've only made 25 of each set, so get them while you can.

Holiday: Firetruck Red, Emerald Green, Brilliant Gold, Glacier Blue, Sparkle White

Unicorn: Lavender, Princess Pink, Sparkle White, Glacier Blue, Fiesta Purple

Mermaid: Atlantis, Copper Penny, Sparkle White, Glacier Blue, Brilliant Gold

Bold: Fuchsia, Electric Pink, Electric Orange, Electric Yellow, Brilliant Gold

$7.49 $24.95 You Save $17.46
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