Zodiac Gold Compostable Glitter (.015

Zodiac Gold Compostable Glitter (.015" hex) 15g Bottle

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Super Holographic yellow-gold .015" hex - The slightly larger particle size sparkles more than the ultra fine glitters. This is not a stock color for us, and is currently in very short supply. We may choose to carry it at a later time, if there is a demand for it. COMPOSITION Cellulose 70.00% 9004-34-6 Glycerine 21.00% 56-81-5 Water 5.00% 7732-18-5 Binder 3.98% Mixture Acrylates Crosspolymer Metallization 0.02% 7429-90-5 Aluminum
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15g Bottle Zodiac Gold Bio Glitter (.015" hex)$2.99 $6.99
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