The Ultimate Glamour-Eyes Kit

This professional kit has everything you need to create the ultimate Glamour-Eyes look


Fixation Primer: Dab fixation primer onto your eyelids and then apply glitter, mica, or metallic powders for all-day staying power (0.3oz net weight)


Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium : Mix with mica or metallic powders and brush on for long-lasting, customizable and paintable eyeliner or eye shadow.  Or to apply glitter eyeliner, dip your brush into the liquid medium, then dip the wet brush into your loose glitter, and pat along the lash line (1oz dropper bottle)


Two glitter colors, cosmetically safe for use around eyes (10ml volume each)


Four mica or metallic powders that can be blended, and used wet or dry, for eye shadow, eyeliner, or highlighter (10ml volume each)


All the professional tools you need to complete your look: mixing palette, angled eyeliner brush, dual-ended eye shadow brush, glitter grabber tool


All packaged in a large paisley-embossed zippered make-up bag


Choose from 3 Themed color-schemes or Create your own Custom kit:


Golden Goddess: 24kt Gold Mica, Lucky Penny Mica, Gold Metallic Powder, Solaria Highlighter Powder, Sparkling Champagne Glitter, Holographic Treasure Glitter 


Sea Siren: Pisces Blue Mica, Dancing Peacock Mica, Silver Metallic Powder, Laguna Highlighter Powder, Holographic Silver Glitter, Holographic Turquoise Glitter


Faerie Sweet: Zinfandel Pink Mica, Black Dahlia Mica, Birthday Suit Mica, Whisper Highlighter Powder, Plum Purple Glitter, Holographic Pink 


Custom Kit: Choose any combination of (6) Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitters, Mica Powders, Metallic Powders, or Highlight Powders.  

Just send us a message with your selections in the "comments" or "order instructions" at check out.  

To see a list of color choices with swatches, you'll have to go to our Cosmetic Glitter and Mica Powder pages


Color swatches on skin coming soon....

Price $69.99
Color Theme
Fixation Primer

After many years of searching, we have finally found a product that adheres loose eyeshadow (mica powder) and glitters to the eyelid, without containing parabens and other questionable ingredients.  We've had professional make-up artists testing the product for us, and the consensus is that it works great.  Simply dab the primer onto your eyelid, or apply it with a brush, then dab your loose powders over the primer.  You'll get true un-muted color from all of your loose or pressed eyeshadows, and a foil effect from shimmery shadows.  You may want to experiment a little to find the perfect amount of product to use.  Too much product, may cause creasing.  

We offer this primer in two colors: White and Neutral Beige.  The White is better for lighter colored or neon cosmetics, or for someone with very fair skin. The Neutral is a nice option for darker cosmetics, darker skin, or for a more natural makeup look.  We started out with just the white color, but had requests from make-up artists for a more neutral/ beige product because the product could be blended into the skin a little easier and wouldn't need to be completely covered with powder.  We were pleased to discover that the neutral color works great as a concealer for dark eye circles and blemishes as well.  Either color will likely work well enough for most people.


This product is packaged in a 10ml stackable jar.  The actual product weight is 0.3oz.  

Click the product name for ingredient information. 

Fixation Primer: 10ml Jar $4.99 On Sale!Fixation Primer: 8oz Bulk Tub (Melt & Pour) $49.99
Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium

This is a liquid mixing medium that can be used with your cosmetic powders (mica powders, mineral makeup, metallic powders) to create a liquid paint-on or airbrush cosmetic. It contains NO Parabens.  Click the product name for ingredient information.


To make a liquid eyeliner, you can wet your brush with the liquid and swipe it on your pressed eyeshadow cake, or mix a drop with loose eyeshadow or mineral makeup.


To use this for applying glitter eyeliner, dip your brush into the liquid, then dip the wet brush into your loose glitter. Press the brush to the lash line. You may need to do this in multiple steps. If your glitter is clumpy along the lash line, wet the brush again and just use that to smooth out the line.


You can also use this product in a spritzer bottle, as an overall sealer for mineral makeup.


We currently offer this product in a 10ml vial (with attached liner brush) for personal use, a 0.5oz Dropper bottle for professional use, and an 8oz bottle for high volume artists.  And we have wholesale case packs available.  If purchasing wholesale case packs, please be sure to message us if you need these unlabeled so you can add your own labeling.  

Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 10ml vial $3.99Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1/2oz Dropper Bottle $3.99Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 8oz Bottle $17.99Wholesale Case Pack: (10) Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 10ml Vials $28.55Wholesale Case Pack: (5) Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1/2oz Dropper Bottles $14.22
Cosmetic Gel Mixing Medium

This product can be mixed with glitter or mica powders to create a paint-on cosmetic product. To adhere glitter stars or hearts to the face, simply dab a little of the gel onto the face, and then dab some glitter stars/hears onto the gel while it's still wet. They should mostly stay put, unless you rub them off.  


***Tip*** This is the same product as our "Aloe Gel Base."  For bulk quantities, check out the Liquid Bling product page.  

Cosmetic Gel Mixing Medium: 1/2oz Bottle $2.49Cosmetic Gel Mixing Medium: 2oz Bottle $4.99Cosmetic Gel Mixing Medium: 4oz Bottle $6.99Wholesale Case Pack: (5) Cosmetic Gel Mixing Medium 1/2oz Bottles $8.93
mixing palette_01.jpg
Mixing PalettePrice $1.99
Duo eyeshadow brush_01_01.JPG
Duo Shadow BrushPrice $7.99
angle eyeliner brush_01.JPG
Angled Eyeliner BrushPrice $4.99
Duo Swab
4 1/8" in length, the perfect tool for precision application of mica powder for Mica-Tats, face painting, and eye shadow.
Duo Swab (individual) $0.25Duo Swab (pack of 25) $3.59
Amerikan Body Art White Taklon Brushes

Our white taklon brushes are great for face painting and for freehand glitter tattoos.  They hold their shape well and can be cleaned with 99% alcohol, when used for body glue.

Price $2.99
Brush Size
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