Mica Shimmer Powders

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Product weight in jars will vary as different mica colors will have different densities.  Some powders are heavier than others.  Our 10ml jars are packaged by volume. 

Mica samples are packaged in small resealable zip bags.  They contain 1/2 teaspoon of mica powder.  

 Bulk Mica Powder quantities are packaged by weight, in a resealable zip lock bag.


Mica powder can be used as eye shadow straight out of the jar. To increase staying power and vibrancy, apply it over a primer. You can mix the mica powder with our Cosmetic Mixing Liquid to create your own eyeliner colors.

 Use it as a base for your face painting or apply it over your face & body paints to add shimmer and to smooth out any blotchiness. Use it in place of glitter for Mica-Tats.

 You can also use mica powder to create custom nail polish colors.

 *Keep in mind that colors may appear different on a computer monitor than they do in real life. If you have a project that requires precise color, we encourage you to order a sample first as mica is not returnable.

 You can create your own custom colors by blending mica powders.  Add a little Pure Black mica to create a deeper shade.  Mix with Shimmer White or Crystalina for a more pastel shade.

Lollipop Swabs
Washable and reusable, great for applying mica powders and for face painting
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Lollipop Swabs (individual)$0.59
Lollipop Swabs (pack of 50)$24.99
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Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium

This is a liquid mixing medium that can be used with your cosmetic powders (mica powders, mineral makeup, metallic powders) to create a liquid paint-on or airbrush cosmetic. It contains NO Parabens.  Click the product name for ingredient information.


To make a liquid eyeliner, you can wet your brush with the liquid and swipe it on your pressed eyeshadow cake, or mix a drop with loose eyeshadow or mineral makeup.


To use this for applying glitter eyeliner, dip your brush into the liquid, then dip the wet brush into your loose glitter. Press the brush to the lash line. You may need to do this in multiple steps. If your glitter is clumpy along the lash line, wet the brush again and just use that to smooth out the line.


You can also use this product in a spritzer bottle, as an overall sealer for mineral makeup.


We currently offer this product in a 10ml vial (with attached liner brush) for personal use, a 0.5oz Dropper bottle for professional use, and an 8oz bottle for high volume artists.  And we have wholesale case packs available.  If purchasing wholesale case packs, please be sure to message us if you need these unlabeled so you can add your own labeling.  

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Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1/2oz Dropper Bottle$3.99
Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 8oz Bottle$15.99 $17.99
Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1oz Bottle w/ Dropper Cap$7.99
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Mixing Palette

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Amerikan Body Art White Taklon Brushes

Our white taklon brushes are great for face painting and for freehand glitter tattoos.  They hold their shape well and can be cleaned with 99% alcohol, when used for body glue.

Brush Size

Duo Shadow Brush

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