Ordering & Shipping Information

*By placing an order on our website, you are agreeing to the following policies regarding ordering, shipping, and refunds.


Please send any questions regarding your orders to Shipping@AmerikanBodyArt.com.


We use Paypal to process payments, but you are given the option to pay with a credit card at checkout if you do not have a Paypal account.  We have no other way to accept payment at this time.


Confirmation & Tracking Emails:

You will receive a confirmation email from our website when your order has been placed.  

You will receive an email from Paypal with tracking information once your order has been shipped.


Shipping Address:

We print our shipping labels using Paypal "click and ship."  Make sure that you enter the correct shipping address, not only on our website, but also when you check out with Paypal.  

The shipping address in Paypal is the one that is used to generate your shipping label.


Order Processing Times:

Due to covid-related financial repercussions, we've had to give up our commercial business location for a smaller location, and move some operations to our home.  While we work on organizing the new workspaces, orders are taking a little longer to process. Current retail order processing times are 2-3 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Smaller orders (under $100) typically take 2 business days to process.  


Larger orders or international orders may take 3-4 business days, particularly if the order includes private label items, or items that we have to make.  


Same-Day order processing is not usually a possibility, however we will always do our best to process orders as quickly as possible.  Keep in mind that we are a very small business and cannot predict how many orders we might receive in a day.  We do not work on weekends.


Our mail pick-up is at 11:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time).  Getting your order in before this time is no guarantee that it will ship the same day.  Please see above.


We ship Monday - Friday, except for holidays.


Being a small business, there will be rare times when the entire staff is out of the office due to a family emergency or because we are attending a tradeshow.  In this case, we will ALWAYS post notifications well in advance, on our website and on Facebook.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to be better informed of such exceptions.


We make absolutely no guarantees as to order processing times nor order delivery times.  We will not refund orders (nor shipping charges for orders) for orders that arrive later than you would like.


Domestic Shipping times (approximate):


Standard Post: 7 - 9 Business days

First Class: 5 - 7 Business days

Priority: 2 - 3 Business Days

Priority Express: 1 - 3 Business Days


International Shipping times (approximate):

Priority: 7 - 10 Business Days

Priority Express: 5 - 7 Business Days


Shipping Charges:

Our website is connected to USPS and generates your shipping charges based on the weight of the items in the package, service chosen, and your distance in relation to us.  We are located in Central Florida.  


We regret that we have no control over USPS pricing.  The charges that you shown on your order are what it costs us to ship your order.  We have a small handling charge added to each order, to cover the cost of packing materials and labor.  But we are not in any way, making a profit from shipping charges, and therefore cannot reduce nor refund shipping charges.  


Occasionally, your order will fit into a Flat Rate package, which may offer a lower shipping cost than the weight-based estimate that was charged.  In this case, we will refund any excess shipping charges.


Insuring International Packages:

International packages can only be insured for up to $500.  If your order exceeds this amount, please be aware that we can only file an insurance claim for missing or damaged packages for up to $500.  Which means, you can only receive a refund of up to $500 per package for missing packages.  If this is not acceptable, please split your order into multiple smaller orders to be shipped separately.


International Duties/ Taxes:

International orders WILL be charged import taxes for orders coming from the United States.  Please DO NOT order from us if you are not willing to pay import taxes.  We will not refund shipping charges for orders which are returned to us from customers who refused to pay import duties.  We have no way of knowing how much you will have to pay.  Each country has their own system for collecting import duties. 


Local Order Pick-Up


If you are a local customer, and prefer to pick your order up, rather than paying for shipping, there is an option at checkout for a $3 handling-fee, but no shipping charges.  Handling fees are $0 for orders over $150.


Our warehouse is located at 51 NW Carolina St, Suite 101, Melbourne, FL 32904.


We do not have a showroom for customer shopping, so you do have to place the order online.  


Email Shipping@AmerikanBodyArt.com to arrange a time to pick up your order.  Since we are primarily an online business, we DO NOT keep consistent business hours.  But we are usually here Monday - Friday from 10:30AM until 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.


Please only use this coupon code if you are local to our area and plan to pick up your order within a week.  DO NOT use this code if your order requires shipping. 


 Shipping exceptions:

Henna Paste: You must choose Priority Shipping (or Priority Express) for orders containing henna paste as henna paste quality will begin to diminish after 3 days of being left at room temperature.  Depending on the day you order and the estimated arrival date, we may opt to hold an order for an extra day before shipping, so that it will not sit at the post office on Sunday.  We will not replace henna paste that doesn't work as well because it sat in your mailbox or management office for several days.  ALWAYS plan to retrieve henna paste immediately upon arrival and put it into the freezer.


Hazardous Materials: We cannot ship nail polish or isopropyl alcohol by air.  This means that they will be shipped via Standard Post.  We cannot ship these items internationally.


Body Glue:  During the winter months (November - March), you must choose Priority Shipping for orders containing Body Glue.  If Body Glue freezes, it is ruined, so we ship with 72-hour heat packs during the winter.  Priority Shipping ensures that the package will arrive while the heat pack is still working.  We cannot ship Body Glue internationally during the winter.



For the health and safety of our customers, we cannot accept returns for cosmetic items.  For this reason, we recommend always purchasing a sample first if you are unsure as to the suitability of the product for your plans.


We make no guarantees as to color accuracy.  Even in our own office, different computer monitors show different colors.  And occasionally, manufacturers make changes to the product, which may result in a different color.  When precise color is required, purchase a sample from our current stock.


We can accept returns for non-cosmetic items, such as stencils or applicators, when returned in good condition. Shipping charges for returns are the responsibility of the customer, unless we have made an error.


We will not refund shipping charges unless there has been an error on our part.  Taking longer to arrive than you would like, is NOT an error on our part.  We have no control over USPS delivery times and cannot refund shipping charges.


In case of damaged, missing, or defective products, please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your order so we can resolve the problem.  Be sure to hang onto these products and the packaging as that will be required for insurance claims.  


We carefully check each order twice before it is shipped out, but we are human and can make mistakes.  Please let us know whenever there is a problem, so we can fix it. 


We know that sometimes time is of the essence and that a mistake can be costly for a business person.  We will always do our best to make up for it. 



The majority of our customers are professional make-up artists, entertainment companies, retailers, non-profit organizations, instructors, and students.  Our pricing model is designed with this customer base in mind, so there is no better pricing available than what you see on the website, even for purchasing in larger quantities.  


Please refer to our Wholesale Purchasing page to learn how to get the best pricing available for your organization. 


We sometimes feature "Flash Sales" on our Facebook page, and you can always check out our Current Sales & Coupons pages for more great deals. 


Product Safety:


There is no such thing as a product that is 100% allergen-free.  In a world where people can be allergic to water and even sunshine, we can never assume that a product is 100% safe for everyone.  While we have had very few reactions to any of our products, and all reactions have been extremely minor irritations with no long-term issues, customers should be made aware of product ingredients and safe application procedures.


Body Glue (Pros-Aide) is an acrylic-based medical adhesive.  It should NOT be used on eyes or lips.  It does not contain latex.  It does not contain any colorants or any other FDA-regulated ingredients.  Use oily products or alcohol to remove glue residue.


"Cosmetic glitter" is a term used by the make-up industry, for glitter that meets certain standards which are believed to allow for safe usage.  These standards include: being made from polyester/plastic, hexagonally shaped particles sized .008 or smaller, and use of pigments which have been generally approved for cosmetic use by the FDA.  However, these are standards created within the make-up industry itself and not by the FDA.  In fact, the FDA does not approve the use of ANY glitter in ANY cosmetics at all. They are currently "monitoring" the situation and not "enforcing" this ruling, but those are the facts.  As every major cosmetic company in the world, currently uses glitter in their products, we can only assume and hope that the FDA will eventually approve and adopt specific regulations with regards to cosmetic use of glitter in the near future.  Although all of our glitters marked "cosmetic" do meet industry standards for safety, their use in cosmetics is strictly at your own discretion.


Mica Powder and Pigments will specifically state in the product descriptions whether they are suitable for lips, eyes, general cosmetic use, etc...as per FDA recommendations.  We purchase these products from a distributor and re-package in smaller quantities.  Once re-packaged, these products are no longer considered "batch certified."  Some commercial operations may require "batch certified" ingredients, in which case, you'll have to locate and purchase directly from a manufacturer. 


Henna is not an FDA approved product for use on skin.  Although it has been used safely for thousands of years, on millions of people, the only currently FDA approved use for henna is as a hair colorant.  The FDA problem lies in the confusion between safe natural henna, and the chemical product referred to as "black henna."  "Black henna" is not henna at all, but is a concentrated chemical dye, which can lead to burns, scars, and lifelong sensitivities.  Natural henna only stains in shades of brown/red.  Our henna paste is made from natural henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils.  We do not add any chemical dyes.


Essential Oils are meant to be used externally, and always diluted, either in a carrier oil or mixed into a recipe with other ingredients.  Not all essential oils are safe for all uses.  Please research each oil thoroughly before using them in your cosmetic products.


Herbs and Botanical ingredients may have uses other than cosmetic purposes, but should be researched thoroughly before any use.  Just because something is "natural," does not mean that it is necessarily safe for everyone and every purpose. 

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