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Embossed Paisley Makeup Bag
$4.99 $17.99
Larger glossy bag with an embossed paisley design. This one does not have a wrist strap, but it does have an extra smaller pocket on the outside. Dimensions of these bags are 13" x 9.5".

Master Artist Eyebrow Kit
$29.99 $48.00

Choose 1 each of our Eyebrow Pomade, Eyebrow Gel, and Eyebrow Pencil. The set also includes our 1/4" Nylon angled brush that is perfect for applying the eyebrow pomade as well as eyeliner.

Face Painting Body Art Business Book.jpg
Clearance: Book: How to Start a Face Painting and Body Art Business (Missing CD)
$3.99 $29.99
This book was previously sold with a CD that contained a small gallery of airbrush and glitter tattoo images, an example of a client contract, and several other miscellaneous files. The book has plenty of information without this CD, and anything that was on the CD can probably be found online pretty easily with a quick google search, but for the sake of clearing out a box of books that we just found in the warehouse, we're selling them off at less than the cost of printing them. Click the image for Table of Contents

Elements Collection "Fire" Glitter (ultra-fine) - 2oz Refill Bottle
$3.99 $9.99
We're discontinuing our 2oz Bottle Size
Elements Collection "Water" Glitter: 2oz Refill Bottle
$3.99 $9.99
We're discontinuing our 2oz Bottle Size
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Pink Sapphire Plant-Based Compostable Glitter (.094" hex)

Vibrant Pink .094" hex



Cellulose 78.00% 9004-34-6

Glycerine (vegetable derived) 12.00% 56-81-5

Water 5.00% 7732-18-5

Binder 3.97% Mixture

Colorant 1.00% Mixture

Aluminum 0.03% 7429-90-5



Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium

This is a liquid mixing medium that can be used with your cosmetic powders (mica powders, mineral makeup, metallic powders) to create a liquid paint-on or airbrush cosmetic. It contains NO Parabens.  Click the product name for ingredient information.


To make a liquid eyeliner, you can wet your brush with the liquid and swipe it on your pressed eyeshadow cake, or mix a drop with loose eyeshadow or mineral makeup.


To use this for applying glitter eyeliner, dip your brush into the liquid, then dip the wet brush into your loose glitter. Press the brush to the lash line. You may need to do this in multiple steps. If your glitter is clumpy along the lash line, wet the brush again and just use that to smooth out the line.


You can also use this product in a spritzer bottle, as an overall sealer for mineral makeup.


We currently offer this product in a 10ml vial (with attached liner brush) for personal use, a 0.5oz Dropper bottle for professional use, and an 8oz bottle for high volume artists.  And we have wholesale case packs available.  If purchasing wholesale case packs, please be sure to message us if you need these unlabeled so you can add your own labeling.  

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Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1/2oz Dropper Bottle$3.99
Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 8oz Bottle$15.99 $17.99
Cosmetic Liquid Mixing Medium 1oz Bottle w/ Dropper Cap$7.99
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Holographic Makeup Bag

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Hand Sanitizer

***Only ships to Continental USA. ***Maximum (32oz total) per order. ***Cannot ship via Express Mail.
We will continue making this in our lab until we run out of 99% alcohol, but supplies are starting to run low and our usual bulk supplier of alcohol has doubled their price, so we don't plan to re-order until the supply chain gets back to normal.

I am mixing 99% alcohol (65% of mixture), aloe gel base (34% of mixture), and lavender essential oil (1% of mixture).  This mixture is a little more runny than your store-bought hand sanitizer as I am not adding any additional thickeners, etc...  I am keeping the recipe simple so that I know that there's enough of the alcohol in there to do what it needs to do.

If you prefer hand sanitizer without lavender essential oil, you can mix your own with 2 parts 99% alcohol plus 1 part aloe gel.  We carry aloe gel in bulk and we would be happy to help you find 99% alcohol online if you can't find any locally.  Several nail supply companies are currently selling it.

Our aloe gel ingredients are: Water, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E.

12PC Pink Vegan Set CBP1 - Crown Brush
$5.99 $10.00

This Deluxe Pink Vegan 12 Piece Brush set includes: Brow/Lash Groomer Mascara Spoolie Flocked Sponge Brush Pointed Liner Brush Lip Brush Angle Liner Brush Concealer Brush Deluxe Fan Brush Shadow Brush Angle Shadow Brush Angle Blush Brush Powder Brush.

The brush quality seems perfectly fine. They're soft and we haven't noticed any bristle fall-out. This is a great inexpensive starter set if you're looking for something completely vegan.

Clearance 2oz Glitter Bottles
$5.99 $9.99

I thought I was out of the printed 2oz bottles, but found one last case in the back of the warehouse.  So I'm offering what's left at a 40% off clearance price.  If you like the larger refill size bottles, this is a great time to stock up.

*Note for my OCD friends* This is just an aesthetic issue, but all of the bottles are printed with black ink, so you won't really see the text with some of the darker glitter colors.  

Clearance - Liquid Bling 5-Pack - Older Packaging
$14.95 $24.95

We've revamped our Liquid Bling 1/2oz Packaging, with labels instead of printed bottles, but I still have a case of the printed liquid bling bottles.  I hate to waste packaging, especially when packaging prices have skyrocketed.  So I have created some limited edition Liquid Bling 1/2oz Packs for a special price, available until we run out of the printed bottles.

Electric Vibes: Electric Pink, Electric Orange, Electric Yellow, Electric Green, Electric Blue Violet

Metallics: Brilliant Gold, Chrome Silver, Copper Penny, Platinum, Champagne Sparkle

Winter Wonderland: Sparkle White, Tickled Pink, Glacier Blue, Lavender Spirit, Chrome Sparkle

Clearance Pixie Paint - Seasonal + Retired Packaging

These are the last few remaining jars of Pixie Paint with our older-style labeling (since the new label update) and the remaining jars of summer and Halloween seasonal colors.

Aloe Gel Base 16oz
$8.99 $15.99

16oz jar of the same aloe gel base that we use for making Pixie Paint and Liquid Bling. We ordered a few of this size jar as a backup when our bulk aloe gel was on backorder.  Fortunately, we were able to get a shipment of bulk gel, so we don't need these jars.  Get them at our cost, while supplies last.  

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