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All Self-Adhesive Glitter Tattoo Stencils are on sale for $0.20 each


We are doing a final clearance of our Nail-Polish-Making supplies

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castille 16oz
$4.99 $9.99
Choose a Fragrance

Face Painting Body Art Business Book.jpg
Clearance: Book: How to Start a Face Painting and Body Art Business (Missing CD)
$3.99 $29.99
This book was previously sold with a CD that contained a small gallery of airbrush and glitter tattoo images, an example of a client contract, and several other miscellaneous files. The book has plenty of information without this CD, and anything that was on the CD can probably be found online pretty easily with a quick google search, but for the sake of clearing out a box of books that we just found in the warehouse, we're selling them off at less than the cost of printing them. Click the image for Table of Contents

"Trick-or-Treat" Pixie Paint

Trick-or-Treat has all the Halloween colors for your ghouls and goblins. 


"Underworld" Pixie Paint
"Underworld" is perfect for your darker and more elegant designs, with shades of gray and plum. It is a limited edition color that will only be available through Halloween, so get it while you can.

"Halloween" Pixie Paint
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"Halloween" Pixie Paint

Jack-o-Lanterns and Candy Corn come to mind with this coppery-orange and gold autumn blend.  Normally, this is a seasonal color, but we will continue offering it at least through the month of November.