Cosmetic Glitter

These glitters are suitable for face & body painting,
cosmetic use, glitter tattoos, and other craft projects.  

Chunky Glitters

These are large-cut glitters for special fx purposes, glitter roots,
glitter body painting, nail polish, scrapbooking, and other craft projects.

Chunky Glitter Blends

These are our own custom blends made up of different
sizes and colors of glitters for a variety of purposes.

Pixie Paint Chunky Glitter Gels

Introducing, Amerikan Body Art's newest creation!

These are paint-on gels, made with deluxe custom blends of glitters.

Blacklight Reactive Glitter

These are special fx glitters, which glow under blacklight.
They are ideal for glitter tattoos and other craft projects.

Solvent-Resistant Glitter

Many of our glitters are solvent- resistant.
The ones on this page have all been
tested for use in nail polish.

Spektratek Glitters & Pigments

These glitters are NOT for use in facial cosmetics.
They are strictly for use in nail polish,
or other craft projects.

Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable glitters and eco-friendly mica powders

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