Highlighters look like basic white powder in their jars. The magic happens when you apply them.  

The shimmer and sparkle changes depending on how you layer them, whether over bare skin or primer, and how the light hits them.

Mica powder can also be used as an eco-friendly biodegradable alternative to polyester glitter.


If the words "Too sparkly," have never escaped your lips... you're going to love our newest       Flash Powder series of highlighting micas.  

To create our Flash Powders, we started with the highlighter blends, and upped the game with added sparkle.

Flash Powders are slightly more sheer than the original Highlighter Powders.


And for the most outrageous of make-up looks, we are now packaging our individual             Gemstone Sparklers, which can be applied as-is for the most extreme sparkle possible, or can be added to your favorite shimmer and highlight powders.  

These really need to be applied over a primer (such as our Fixation Primer), a cream eyeshadow, or your favorite glitter adhesive.


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