*New Formula* Glitter Creme Base

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***Current Stock Manufacture Date - May 2024***

I've sourced a new glitter creme base and have done extensive testing with the glitters over the past couple of months. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to keep the "old" glitter creme base in stock.  We've waited patiently for our manufacturer to get back on track with product and ingredient shortages, but unfortunately, they've let us down one too many times and we're not going to let one of our most popular products remain out-of-stock indefinitely.

The positives:

Lower price (Who doesn't love that?)

No need to microwave - My current method is to whip the base with my mixer, then fold in the glitter with a spatula.  When making just a small sample batch, I simply used big spoon to smush the base around on a plate and then folded/pressed the glitter into it with a spatula.  If you prefer, you can absolutely melt the base first.

Better results with Biodegradable glitters - One of the problems with the old base, was the high melt temperature which would cause biodegradable glitters to become brittle.  But being able to work with this product at cooler temperatures means it should be suitable to use with biodegradable glitters.

Softer end product - I've left some mixed glitter cremes spread out on a plate and even after two months, the product was still soft I was still able to apply the glitter creme with an applicator or finger.  (By the way, I don't recommend leaving the product opened on a counter for months, but I like to do extreme testing.)

Longer Shelf Life: The base itself has a 2 year shelf life after manufacture.  I will start posting the manufacture date on the website so you know when you purchase it, how much time you should have to use it.  


The negatives:

You'll have to update your ingredient list.  As much as my neurodivergent brain despises big changes, there was no product available with an ingredient list that matches the base we've been using.  Perhaps there actually is a worldwide shortage of certain ingredients and that's why nobody else is making something similar.  

While this base has a very commonly used ingredient deck for lip balms and body butters, you still want to inform your clients and check for any potential allergies.


Ingredients: Castor seed oil, cetyl stearyl alcohol, Olive oil, beeswax, hydrogenated castor oil, soybean lipids, lauryl laurate , carnauba wax, candelilla wax, Vitamin E

(Product instructions under the How-To-Use tab below)

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Mixing Ratio and Observations:

I have tested the product using 2 parts base to 1.5 parts glitter (by weight), and that seems to work well for both fine and chunky glitters.

I put the product out in the sun to see how it behaves with heat.  It did get a bit melty, but as soon as I pulled it into the shade it firmed right back up.  It does seem a little more firm after melting and re-solidifying, but I smushed it around and put it back in the jar and it was just as soft as before.

The base doesn't seem to leave the skin as greasy as the old base.  The glitter goes on and doesn't slide around as much or leave much oily residue around the glitter.

Mixing Instructions/Options:

There are several ways to go about making the glitter crèmes.

Cold methods:

  • The method I used when initially the product was to use a strong spoon to press the base onto a work surface to get a softened, smooth texture. Then I folded in the glitter with a stiff spatula. (Actually it was a silicone putty spreader from the hardware store).
  • I have also put the base into my stand mixer, and ran the mixer to soften the base, then added the glitter and continued mixing.

Both of these methods worked well with smaller volumes of less than 16oz of base. My testing was done with our regular glitter crème and pixie paint glitter blends.

The benefits of using the cold methods are that you don’t need a heat source, you don’t have to wait for the mixture to cool before using it, and they’re suitable for working with biodegradable glitters, since those don’t hold up well when heated.

Hot method:

  • This method may be a little easier and less messy than the cold methods. Melt the base in the microwave, for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. You really only need to melt it until it’s softened enough that you can stir it easily and all the lumps are smoothed out. Then fold in your glitter. After adding glitter, I would suggest stirring the mixture occasionally as it cools, so that the product stays flexible enough to easily press into your containers.

Hybrid Method:

  • A hybrid method that I am currently testing is to melt the base, enough to soften it, then whip it in the electric mixer. I waited for the base to partially cool and then folded in the glitter.  I think this may become my preferred method for making the glitter cremes in bulk.  It seems to create the most workable base, but you can still allow it to cool enough before adding glitter that it can also be used for biodegradable glitters. 
Castor seed oil, cetyl stearyl alcohol, Olive oil, beeswax, hydrogenated castor oil, soybean lipids, lauryl laurate , carnauba wax, candelilla wax, Vitamin E