"Abracadabra" Pixie Paint

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Our "Abracadabra" Pixie Paint is a blend of different sizes of holographic white glitters, like our True Colors blend, but also includes ultra fine glitter in the mix.  It looks like a rainbow of colors, depending on how the light hits it.  


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YES!!!! 05/08/2019
By Brandi
The holo color way is soooooo pretty. It looks almost angelic. I love that I only have to use a tiny bit so this jar will last forever. The gel base helps it stick all day but it’s not perfumey or irritating to my skin. I will be purchasing a few more colors to add to my collection.

"Abracadabra" and "Fifi Royal" pixi paints 07/16/2018
By Erica Baumgardner
Love both these pixi paints. They both are gorgeous in person! Go on smooth and last a very long time!

Crowd favorite! 06/24/2018
By Dess Legend
This is the crowd favorite as there is not one person who this doesn't compliment! This is the one that is ooooo'd and aaaah'd over 100 %of the time! I know many use a utensil when applying but I feel better when applying with my finger.

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