A healthy-looking wig starts with proper care. Our wig shampoos and conditioners, styling products, brushes, wig liners, and adhesives are formulated to ensure the prolonged life of your wigs and hair pieces.

Synthetic Hair Care Instructions

Heat Defiant Fiber Care Instructions

Alternative Human Hair Care Instructions

* Due to their cosmetic nature, hair care products are not eligible for return *

JR HD Smooth Wig Detangler Spray 8.5oz
$9.00 $16.96

A must-have for all heat resistant and traditional synthetic wigs, toppers and hair pieces. HD Smooth Detangler, our conditioning wig detangler, enhances and prolongs the beauty of synthetic wigs and hair pieces. Spray it on and comb through to eliminate tangles and frizz while restoring healthy luster. Daily use recommended.

If you only buy 1 product, this is the product we'd recommend you start with (plus a wide tooth comb). Spray this on your wig every night to keep your wig looking smooth and fresh.

JR Fiber Love Synthetic Hair Shampoo 8.5oz
$6.00 $11.00

Regular cleansing with our synthetic wig shampoo restores the salon body and extends the life of synthetic wigs and hair extensions. Just like natural hair, synthetic hair requires special care to look its best. This exclusive Jon Renau formula is sulfate, paraben, and sodium chloride free.


JR Fiber Love Synthetic Hair Conditioning Spray 8.5oz
$6.00 $9.50

This leave-in conditioner protects the beauty and prolongs the life of synthetic wigs, toppers and hair extensions. Fiber Love Conditioning Spray is exclusively formulated to detangle and restore the healthy shine of synthetic fiber. Made with paraben and sulfate-free ingredients. 


JR Heat Treat Thermal Spray 8.5oz
$9.00 $16.96
Protect your alternative hair from damage with Jon Renau's heat protectant. Heat Treat Thermal Spray is heat activated and formulated for use with flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant and styling spray prevents heat damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized. For use with both human hair and (HD) heat resistant synthetic wigs, toppers, hair pieces, or extensions.

JR Fiber Love Wig Holding Spray 8.5oz
$9.00 $17.00
Synthetic wig hairspray designed exclusively for use with synthetic fiber wigs, hair pieces, and extensions. This paraben and sulfate-free formula provides long-lasting hold while brushing out easily, leaving no residue or build-up behind.

JR Piece Out Contour Fiber Cream 2oz
$9.00 $17.90

Wig styling paste that adds texture, volume and sculpting without weighing hair down. Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème can be used on both synthetic and human hair wigs, toppers and hair pieces.

This product is great for defining curls.

Fiber Love Flexible Spray Gel 2oz Travel Size
$6.00 $8.10

**This is the product that I use most frequently to smooth out wavy styles. They can be a bit frizzy right out of the box. I spritz a little water on the wig first. Then I spritz a little of the spray gel on my hands, rub my hands together and smooth that over the waves to calm flyaways and define the curl.**

This innovative lightweight spray gel provides a medium style hold and brushes out completely, leaving no residue or build-up behind. For us on both human hair or synthetic fiber. Comes in a convenient 2 oz travel size.

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