Self-Adhesive Stencils

Take advantage of our Stencil Loyalty Program

and never pay for Body Glue again!  

Body Glue 10ml_01.jpg

Receive a Free 10ml vial of Body Glue for every 75 self-adhesive stencils purchased in a single shopping trip.


To receive your free glue: When you have 75 stencils in your shopping cart, a message will show at the top of your cart, telling you that you have earned a free gift.  Just click the link and add the Body Glue to your cart.  


***Important*** You MUST add the body glue to your shopping cart by clicking the "Free Gift" link at the top of the shopping cart page in order to receive your free body glue.  It does not get automatically added to your order and we cannot ship free body glue separately if you have forgotten to add it to your order.

During the winter shipping season (November - April) International orders will receive 10 free self-adhesive stencils instead of free body glue, as we cannot ship body glue internationally during freezing weather.


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