Jon Renau Steamer

Jon Renau Steamer

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Handheld wig steamer. The only heat styling tool recommended for synthetic wig styling. Use it to style and re-style synthetic fibers by adding or removing curls. Remove frizz from both traditional synthetic and heat resistant synthetic wigs and hair toppers.

Check out Jon Renau's Blog Post on "The Steamer"


*Notes from Erika*

I wasn't sure what the wig steamer was all about, as it was out of stock for months after I placed my initial order.  But when my backordered steamers came in, I went to youtube to browse some videos from other wig professionals and I was amazed at how useful it is. Synthetic wig styles are created using steam, so that's also how you can change the style, get flyaways to lay down, and smooth frizzy ends.

Here is my first attempt with the steamer.  The bangs on "Camilla" layed totally flat, straight down on the forehead.  When I first tried the wig on, I was disappointed because it was such a beautiful wig and a comfortable cap, but the bangs were too long and too flat.  I changed the part to the opposite side, used a little steam to set the part in place and lay down flyaways, and then used the steamer with the hot tools plastic air brush to give the bangs a little lift off the forehead. (Be sure to do this on a canvas wig block and not on a styrofoam head or on your own head.)  It was an awkward process for my first attempt, but I took my time and redid it a few times to get it where I wanted.  I suggest going to youtube and looking up videos on the Jon Renau Steamer if you haven't used one before. There are some especially useful videos for smoothing out frizzy ends on wigs to give them a longer life.  

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