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After trying various types of packaging for our mica powder and glitter samples, we have finally settled on small 2" x 2" resealable zip bags.  The glitter samples contain approximately 1 teaspoon of product.  The mica powder samples and glitter shape (hearts & stars) samples contain approximately 1/2 teaspoon of product. 

Glitter Samples 2
Free Glitter & Mica Samples with Every Order - 1 per order

Choose 1 free glitter sample and 1 free mica (or glitter shapes) sample per order.

$1.38 $0.00 On Sale! Free_Samples Quantity:
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1/4 lb Glitter Stars Bag $39.99 $29.99 On Sale! Quantity: Color
Henna Balm candy jar (800x533)
Henna Balm (80 tubes) Candy Jar Display

Selling henna balm is a great way to increase your income at events and to help customers prolong the life of their henna designs. This candy jar display contains 80 tubes of henna balm. Retail pricing is usually $2 - $3 each. Remember to take advantage of our coupon codes at the top of the website to save even more.

$159.20 $99.00 On Sale! Quantity:

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