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"Gotta Have 'em ALL" Complete Pixie Set
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"Gotta Have 'em ALL" Complete Pixie Set
$99.00 $195.00

Treat yourself to every one of our (24) Pixie Paint colors (in 1oz jars), including the seasonal Halloween colors, plus (2) Petite Pixie Wands, all packaged in the most covetable Silver Hologram Makeup Bag. This set is perfect for your Fall festivals and Halloween gigs, plus it would make the perfect gift for the mermaids, unicorns, and faeries in your life.


This is a Limited Edition Set - While Supplies Last

1oz Absinthe & 1oz Drop Dead Red Intro Special
$9.99 $13.98

Try our new Pixie Paint colors, Drop Dead Red and Absinthe

"Drop Dead Red" Pixie Paint

"Drop Dead Red" is our latest attempt at a truly RED Pixie Paint color.  It's difficult to find a way to create depth and texture without losing the focus on a primary color like red, but we think this might be a pretty good version.  It contains all chunky glitters, with just a hint of coppery sparkle to add depth. Let us know what you think.  It may become the permanent replacement for Little Red Corvette.

"Absinthe" Pixie Paint

Just in time for the holiday season, "Absinthe" is our newest Green Pixie Paint color.  We have created this color to replace our Labyrinth blend.  It's a sparkly blend of all chunky glitters in various shades of green.

"Here Comes Santa Clause" Pixie Paint

"Here Comes Santa Clause" is a seasonal blend of Red, Green, and Gold chunky glitters.  We only make this color for the Christmas season, so stock up if you like to use it for other designs throughout the year.


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