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Holographic Makeup Bag

BlackPaisleyBag Embossed Paisley Makeup Bag

Larger glossy bag with an embossed paisley design. This one does not have a wrist strap, but it does have an extra smaller pocket on the outside. Dimensions of these bags are 13" x 9.5".

$17.99 $9.99 On Sale! Quantity:
Large Round Buffer Brush GT02 - Crown Brush
Use the Contour Paddle Brush to apply a flawless application of foundation for a completely seamless, airbrushed finish. The perfectly sized brush head makes foundation applications quick and easy, and the expertly rounded shape helps get into all of those hard-to-reach areas of the face. To use, put a few drops of product onto the bristles and gently buff into your skin. Repeat until desired coverage level is achieved.

12PC Pink Vegan Set CBP1 - Crown Brush
This Deluxe Pink Vegan 12 Piece Brush set includes: Brow/Lash Groomer Mascara Spoolie Flocked Sponge Brush Pointed Liner Brush Lip Brush Angle Liner Brush Concealer Brush Deluxe Fan Brush Shadow Brush Angle Shadow Brush Angle Blush Brush Powder Brush Black Roll-up Carrying Case

Brow Duo Brush C413 - Crown Brush
Double ended angle brow / liner and spoolie brush. One end is a great angle tip brush, perfect for brows. The other end is a spoolie used for application of mascara or brow products and separating of lashes or combing brows.

Pro Lush Blush Brush C519 - Crown Brush
The Pro Lush Blush Brush's compact head allows for a very controlled application of blush. Thanks to the super soft, dense synthetic bristles, this brush can be used with both powder and cream blushes and provide medium to full coverage for a more dramatic finish. The Pro Lush Blush Brush can also be used in the hollows of the cheeks and around the periphery of the face for a more natural and seamlessly blended contour effect.

Infinity Flat Bronzer C452 - Crown Brush
The Infinity Flat Bronzer's dense bristles and flat surface create the perfect bronzing brush. Designed to cover large areas while dispersing maximum product on the higher points of the face, the result is a very natural, all over application. The Infinity Flat Bronzer can also be used with pressed powders and liquid foundations for a medium to full coverage finish, making it a very versatile, multi-use brush.

Pro Duo Fiber Round Blender Brush C502 - Crown Brush
The Pro Duo Fiber Round Blender makes the perfect foundation blending brush due to its mixed blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The long synthetic fibers evenly disperse and blend the product, while the densely packed natural fibers help hold the brush's shape and stability. Product can either be placed directly on the brush or face, and buffed into the skin using a circular motion. Creates a medium to full coverage application.

Pro Lush Powder Brush C518 - Crown Brush
The Pro Lush Powder Brush will help you achieve an all over, medium to full coverage powder application due to its densely packed, multi length bristles. This ultra soft synthetic brush is cruelty-free, easy to clean, and maintains its shape and structure throughout countless uses. The Pro Lush Powder Brush is perfect for quick touch ups due to its large size and can be used with all types of powders, including pressed powders, loose setting powders, and mineral foundations.

Shadow Crease Brush SS027 - Crown Brush
The Deluxe Shadow Crease is the perfect tool for blending out shadow in the crease area of the lid. The ultra soft synthetic bristles easily pick up powder product, dispersing it evenly along the lid, resulting in a medium coverage application of shadow that can be build to the desired level. Perfect for looks that require master blending and transitioning shades.

Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush SS004 - Crown Brush
The Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush is a medium sized, flat, synthetic concealer brush suitable for liquid, powder, and cream cosmetics. This brush easily fits under the eye area as well as other small areas of the face, making it perfect for a more controlled, full coverage application of product.

Pro Lush Pointed Powder / Contour Brush C531 - Crown Brush
Thanks to its pointed shape, the Pro Lush Pointed Powder/Contour Brush is excellent for setting the under eye area with powder as well as packing powder into those hard to reach, quick to produce oil places such as the corners of your nose. Because of its tapered cut, it allows for total control of product placement and seamless blending, making it the perfect natural contour brush.