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Introducing our New Biodegradable Line of Glitters!


Summer 2018 New Color Sampler Pack

Here is a sampler pack of our seven newest chunky glitters of the season, including one from our new Biodegradable line! An added bonus of (3) sample pods of our newest Pixie Paint blends is also included! With this product, you will receive (1) 1/2 oz Cosmetic Mixing Gel Base and sample size of each of the following:

  • Red Hearts Chunky Glitter
  • Kiwi (0.094" hex) Chunky Glitter
  • Ocean Spray (0.125" hex) Chunky Glitter
  • Blue Lagoon Chunky Glitter Blend
  • Cosmic Collision Glitter Blend
  • Tahitian Coral Glitter Blend
  • Earth Opal Biodegradable Glitter (0.040" hex")
  • Star Spangled Pixie Paint
  • Tropical Whimsy Pixie Paint
  • Rainbow Brite Pixie Paint
Reg. Price $14.99 $6.99 On Sale!
Tropical Glitter Tattoo Kit

The perfect glitter tattoo kit for a summer party.  We had a few of these left over from a recent tradeshow, so we're offering them at a great sale price.  

 Our Tropical-themed Kit Contains:

  • (1) Holographic Silver 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Ocean Spray 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Fuchsia 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Kiwi 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Canadian Blue 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Deluxe Sweeper Brush
  • (1) 10ml Glue Vial
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
  • (3) Dragonfly Stencils
  • (3) Dolphin Stencils
  • (3) Cherry Stencils
  • (3) Turtle Stencils
  • (3) Shooting Star Stencils
  • (3) Side-View Hibiscus Stencils
  • (3) Gecko Stencils
  • (3) Heart Splash Stencils
  • (3) Lips Stencils
  • (3) Bold Butterfly Stencils
Reg. Price $39.99 $24.99 On Sale!
Rainbow Glitter Tattoo Kit

The perfect glitter tattoo kit for a summer party.  We had a few of these left over from a recent tradeshow, so we're offering them at a great sale price.  

 Our Rainbow Kit Contains:

  • (1) Emerald Green 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Holographic Gold 1/2 oz Gold Poof Bottle
  • (1) Grape Soda 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Firetruck Red 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Royal Blue 1/2 oz Poof Bottle
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
  • (1) Deluxe Sweeper Brush
  • (1) 10ml Glue Vial
  • (3) Cascading Stars Stencils
  • (3) Spiral Turtle Stencils
  • (3) Cupcake Stencils
  • (3) Flower Art Stencils
  • (3) Tribal Heart Stencils
  • (3) Cascading Hearts Stencils
  • (2) Mini-Stars Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)
  • (2) Mini-Lips Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)
  • (2) Mini-Shamrock Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)
  • (2) Mini-Butterfly Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)
  • (2) Mini-Double Star Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)
  • (2) Mini-Cherries Stencils (8 Mini-Stencils Total)


Reg. Price $39.99 $24.99 On Sale!
Glamour-Eyes Glitter Creme Base 1oz Starter Kit

This is an easy melt & mix base for making your own glitter eyeshadows.  Simply melt the base in your microwave (approximately 20 seconds) and mix in your favorite cosmetic glitter.  We've been experimenting with it quite a bit and find that a 50/50 ratio (by weight) of glitter and the base works best.  Visually, it will look like more glitter than base.  You want your mix to be somewhat dry, but not totally crumbly.  You'll be "patting" it into the jar, rather than pouring it.


To apply your glitter shadow, the glitter can be brushed on with a flat brush or dabbed on with your finger.  It can be layered if you have any gaps.


You can also mix in mica powder to create a creme eyeshadow, but you may want to add a little titanium dioxide to make it more opaque.


This starter kit contains:

1oz Glamour-Eyes Creme Base

(5) empty 10g plastic jars

(5) wooden mixing sticks

(5) plastic mixing cups


*Vegan and Cruelty-Free



Price $14.99
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