Easy Henna Party Kit

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Don't feel like making your own henna paste? This kit has your henna paste all ready to go so you can get right to the fun stuff. You'll have extra applicators so everyone can play.  



You can create at least 100 henna tattoos with this kit. When you receive this kit in the mail, you should put the henna paste in the freezer until you are ready to use it. Always choose Priority or Express shipping for orders containing henna paste.


 Choose your favorite henna paste: Lavender (great for pregnant moms & sensitive skin) or Amerikan Body Art's Signature Blend


 Our Easy Henna Party Kit Contains:

  •  4oz Pre-Made Henna paste
  • Your Choice of:
  • (3)Metal-Tipped sKweEZie Applicator Bottles
  • or (3) 20-packs of Cellophane Triangles
  • Instructions


Consider adding on some of our Muslin Drawstring Bags as an additional party activity.  Everyone can henna a bag to take home.

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